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Simplest way to keep record of brick kilns.

Brickkiln Plus is the one and only best software to manage every aspect of a brick kiln including accounting, production, stock, sales and pay roll etc. We have been working on this software for last 10 years and are leaving no stone unturned to make it a priceless thing in your computer. This software was developed under guidance of experienced brick kiln owners and accountants. Any report that a brick kiln owner may expect; is generated within seconds. The long story short is that this software was developed by brick kiln owners for brick kiln owners. Solution of every problem of a brick kiln owner is embedded in this software which cannot be easily found in any other software. If a brick kiln spends 30 minutes (himself or his accountant) daily on this software then he can get every minute information (that an owner gets from its employee) from this software within seconds.

  • Estimate of how much raw material like coal or sand is required in near future.
  • Up to date ledgers of labour like their advances or total wages etc.
  • Round wise record of raw filling.
  • Detailed record of spoil.
  • Truck wise or round wise average of coal.
  • Stock summary and stock ledger of baked bricks (finished stack wise)
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What makes Brickkiln Plus great?

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Brickkiln Plus is a unique electronic way to have the every minor detail of the business on tips. Brickkiln Plus is the outcome of a year´s hard-work of a team of specialized software engineers. After having several hours long discussions with some brick kiln owners our team was at last able to design software named Brickkiln Plus.

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Brickkiln Plus Pathai


Brickkiln Plus keeps detail of how many bricks or tiles were manufactured by a worker within a given period.

Brickkiln Plus Custom Tools

Raw Filling (Kachi Bhari)

Full record of every minute detail in this process like how many bricks are loaded by an individual laborer.

Brickkiln Plus Nikasi

Kiln Unloading (Nikashi)

Software keeps record of how many bricks unloaded by a laborer and calculates total pay for every laborer.

Brickkiln Plus Payments


Software keeps complete track of cash and credit sale.

Brickkiln Plus Reports

Firing (Jalai)

Brickkiln Plus keeps stock of coal (or any other fuel) used in every round. Software calculates average fuel used for every round in a batch.

Why should you go for Brickkiln Plus?

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Secure and Reliable

You can trust it to store your data. It satisfies all modern security standards.

User friendly

It's easy to access features has made it user friendly software. Any layman can understand the flow of software after the basic training.

In depth reporting

There is a wide range of reports which helps to analyze the data. Data can be filtered with various options to facilitate analysis.

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Data security

Backup and Restore utility make sure that your data is always backed up and can be restored any time from any backup.

Affordable customization

Except all the points mentioned above Brickkiln Plus is a customizable software i.e. if a user need any report, function which is not present in Brickkiln Plus then he can get it done by paying some nominal charges.

Effective Training

We have professional trainers who provide an effective training at client‘s premises as well as online.